If your sales targets are looking at risk as a result of COVID-19 – don’t despair! – there is still enough time to recover. This guide looks at one of the most time-consuming parts of B2B sales – the contracting process – and sets out the 7 key things that you can do to get you back on track and hit your sales targets.

In this guide you will discover how to:

build contracts that customers want to sign, and still get the protection your business needs,

identify the key sticking points in your contract documentation, and how to fix them,

neutralise the customer’s lawyers so you get to signed contract quicker,

minimise friction so that you don’t burn up the goodwill you’ve built before the contract even starts.

The Author:

Mark Sherwood-Edwards

I’m a lawyer specialising in sales contracts. I’ve got years of real world, frontline experience working with Sales, Service and Pricing to get contracts over the line. I can work with you to get specific contracts to signature or, if you want a more structural approach, I can work with you to simplify your contracts and contract process and get your business to signed contracts faster and with less friction.

And because I am agile, business-focussed and have low overheads, I will save you money and do it faster than conventional law firms.

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“The best commercial legal/business mind bar none!“

Mat Oram,
Director, AdviseInc

“...very smart, quick, pragmatic and easy to work with. I recommend him.“

Terry Baxter.
Director of Risk and Compliance, Target Group

“Mark embodies all the skills that a good lawyer requires..... Highly recommended.“

Sergio Cerro,
CEO, Rebellion Pay

“...his work rate is immense, he cuts to the chase on the most challenging commercial and legal points, …. at the top of my list for legal counsel.“

James Snow,
Director, SamePage

“One of the best commercial lawyers I’ve worked with.“

Steve Robertson,
Chief Financial Officer, DPR

“very smart, pragmatic and experienced.”

Jeremy Toyne,
CEO, Prego International

“… one of the best commercial lawyers around. He is detail-orientated, extremely sharp and gets things done at pace.”

Ben Graham,
Partner, TritonExec

“..one of the most sales-aware lawyers I have worked with, great negotiator, and quick to cut through to, and resolve, issues to enable business to be done.”

Simon Hampton,

“His business mind is one of the sharpest I know, understanding business issues quickly and finding solutions/adding value immediately.”

Mat Oram,
Director, AdviseInc

“Mark is commercial, quick, and is easy to work with. I recommend him.”

Nigel Muirhead,
Products Director, Agilisys

“…an excellent commercial lawyer who is very user-friendly. He is quick to spot the business issues in a deal, adds value very fast and suggests solutions.”

Andrew Mosely,
Consulting Director, Metapraxis

“exceptionally quick to turn round assignments, well-tuned to the commercial issues that our company faces, able to think laterally when the need arises.”

Jeremy Toyne,
CEO, Prego International

“…an unflappable, calm, pragmatic presence no matter how heated the customer debate.”

Trevor Greenfield,
Operations Director, XHRS

“…a first-class lawyer with the vital balance of legal expertise and commercial acumen.”

Peter Grisman FCA,
Company Secretary, Glasseco.