Meet Mark Sherwood-Edwards


My name is Mark Sherwood-Edwards and I help CEOs negotiate smarter, more profitable, contracts. During my time spent working in law firms and also as in-house counsel I specialised in contracts as well as sales-contracting  transformation, in organisations across the fintech, adtech, tech and outsourcing sectors.


How am I different? Most lawyers take the simple and make it complex. I take the complex and make it simple. And actionable. I will identify the key contractual issues for your business, let you know what’s market standard (and what isn’t), protect you from pitfalls and the traps laid for the unwary, and put in the mechanisms and protections that your business needs.


Best of all, because I am agile, business focussed and have low overheads, I will save you money and do it faster than conventional law firms.


I don’t expect you to take my word for the value I can add. You can click here to read a number of testimonials and recommendations from clients I’ve helped.


If you have an issue you would like to run by me, give me call (free!) and challenge me to add value.


Want to learn a bit more about my expertise and approach? I’ve written two white papers, which you can download here:

Recovering from COVID-19 – 7 Key Steps to accelerate B2B sales contracts and hit your financial targets

Strategic contracts for Fintechs – 7 Key Steps to make sure you get what you need and avoid the most common mistakes


mobile: +44 7748 761972

skype: marksherwoodedwards

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